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Formatting Fun


Directions: Have students copy and paste the paragraphs below into your newly formatted document. Follow all directions for steps 1-3.


Once complete,then SaveAs your document as Formatting Fun and your first and last name. (EXAMPLE: Formatting Fun Debbie Lewis)  

Sign into google Drive and upload the document. Then attach your document to an e-mail and send it to:


1. Students will use the font color tool to color each word appropriately (ex. red). 

Color These Words:

Red                      Purple

Blue                     Teal

Green                   Pink

Yellow                   Brown

Orange                 Navy


2. Appropriately align the words left, right, and center. (Do not use the tab or spacebar.)

Move These Words:





3. Add or delete spaces so only one space appears between each word. There should be approximately two spaces between sentences.

Space These Words:


Bob   was   afrog.Hedid   not like to hop.     Herode ablue bike and woreayellow hat.Bob likedto walk   on his tiptoes.Silly Bob!